Anonymous on the attack: banks and companies are being targeted, here are which ones

The hacker group carries out OpRussia against Vladimir Putin, uncovering and making public as many as 35,000 secret financial documents

March 27, 2022

The hacktivist group - a neologism halfway between hackers and activists - of Anonymous had promised in recent days a new colossal cyber attack against Vladimir Putin, within what has taken the name as opRussia, or operation Russia. And so it was, with what is today the best organized digital assault of the whole plan created to counter the war in Ukraine. "No secret is safe," Anonymous said through a video threatening Vladimir Putin. “We are everywhere. We are in your building, we are where you eat, we are at your table, we are in the room where you sleep ". In the film, the president of the Kremlin is defined as "a liar, a dictator, a war criminal and a murderer of children".

How Anonymous operates and why it has targeted Russia

Anonymous hackers come from all over the world and take part in targeted attacks against companies, public institutions, entire countries and websites that do not respect the founding values of the movement. And in particular the defense, at all costs, of freedom of thought and expression. Since the war in Ukraine began, hacktivists have begun to carry out attacks on Russia, targeting the Kremlin's web channels, the regime's televisions and Western companies that have decided to stay in Moscow despite what has been happening for the past month. in Kiev. Anonymous hits the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Mid-week, Anonymous announced that it had hit the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. In these hours, the group has made public 28 gigabytes of secret financial documents of the Russian government. The maxi package includes about 35,000 files, uploaded to various web spaces to prevent censorship. They are divided into two folders called A and B, and the first is in turn divided into 9 parts. The documents are in text format, with the extension .txt and office, and are in Cyrillic. Because the Anonymous group hit a central bank Within the enormous amount of data there are agreements, correspondence, money movements, secret pacts of the oligarchs, reports on the economy hidden from the public, commercial agreements with other countries, declarations of interest, information on registered supporters of the Kremlin, video conferences by Vladimir Putin and the list of programs used by the public administration. Attacking a central bank means being in control of what happens in a state. Indeed, it is from these institutions that internal economic policies derive, which concern, for example, price stability and the national currency. If the data released by Anonymous were to actually be authentic, it would be a turning point for OpRussia. In the next few hours, intelligence experts, economists and activists will have to translate the immense amount of data made public to reveal its content.

Anonymous against companies in Russia: the Nestlé case The operation against Moscow also saw hacktivists attack Russian televisions. A unicum in the history of the movement, which, precisely by virtue of the defense of freedom of expression, generally protects the freedom of the press. In this case, however, the decision was made to rebel against the Kremlin's censorship of war reports. OpRussia also hit Russia's security webcams and some institutional sites, but then veered towards attacks on multinationals that continue to stay in Moscow - here is the list of Western companies that remain in Russia despite the war in Ukraine. In recent days, Anonymous has threatened Pirelli, Auchan, Decathlon and Leroy Merlin. Among others, Nestlé also ended up in the crosshairs of hacktivists, threatened by the publication of 10 gigabytes of confidential data, which became a reality, in the event of non-withdrawal from Russia. Action that actually contributed to the termination of the multinational's operations in the country. We have told you here about the big brands that immediately left Russia after the invasion of Ukraine began. In this article, instead, about the treasure that Vladimir Putin hides in tax havens abroad.

COMMENT: Well done, but as I wrote in the last article on SecoloXIX, if the attacks are made by citizens and not Western companies or organizations, it means that companies and organizations of the free world are far behind. Time advances according to Einstein's twin paradox. Whoever stands still is incomparably old.

Anonymous on the attack: banks and companies are being targeted, here are which ones