What happened to Sogei? by Umberto Rapetto

Revenue Agencies and Customs sites down, what happened in Sogei At around 2 pm on March 30, 2022, the hi-tech resources managed by Sogei, the giant that holds the connective tissue of the Mef and its Agencies, end up in Ko. The article by Umberto Rapetto for Infosec.news

The technological blackout of the Italian financial administration lasted less than the burial of Our Lord, but it is not a good reason to ring the bells. The jubilation in this sad digital Lent should be moderate because Good Friday has not yet arrived and the signs of the fragility of the national nervous system are every day more disturbing. THE CHRONICLE At around 2 pm on March 30, 2022, the hi-tech resources managed by Sogei, the giant that holds the connective tissue of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and its Agencies, ended up KO. The inaccessibility of websites and the total interruption of the services provided electronically unleash - obviously - hell. To the joy of taxpayers and tax evaders and to the discouragement of professionals and businesses, there is one of the nicest goliardic atmospheres of recent times. Fierce and often insolent jokes target institutional social accounts in a moving mockery of unforgivable disrespect. In the middle of the night the "breakdown" is solved but the fateful Resurrection does not convince those who unfortunately know the events that dot the press in this period. On Twitter (no longer having its own tools, thank goodness there are social platforms) Sogei and the realities assisted by it had communicated that they were not under cyber attack. And, sadly, they didn't tell a lie.

Our electronic Mariupol did not need mad hackers to expose an epochal drama to the whole world…. SO? Cybercriminals and bit killers were mortified by this incredible event. It was not a competing gang that stole from them the privilege of sinking the most imposing Italian virtual entity, the mercenaries of the most futuristic crime did not arrive to blow up the most critical data processing center in our country ... The frightening paralysis of electronic invoicing, green passes, pharmacy recipes and (we don't mind) online betting is not attributable to a brutal cyber attack but to a banal "drop in tension". In practice it is simply "no light"…. No scene worthy of the Matrix or other "sci-fi" cinematic fictions: in the background is a sequence that evokes Checco Zalone who, in the film "What a beautiful day", spends a night on Facebook to find Farah's profile and sees his connection interrupted at the most beautiful by the mother who unplugged the computer. One final observation. Sogei is one of the realities that will be entrusted with the so-called "national cloud" and will work together with Leonardo who had the secrets of military aircraft stolen and Tim who managed to get hackers to steal control of certified e-mail boxes - between others - of the Ministries of Interior and Justice. What has just happened reassures us. All partners are aligned. Ready. Indeed, very ready. Extract from an article published on infosec.news)

COMMENT: easy to call innovators, cyber-security experts, the blah blah of words after an Italy of football coaches and an Italy of all virologists leads companies that have never made a patent to brag and maybe buy start-ups or small companies with the necessary know-how. Obviously, perhaps keeping on their backs the thousands of employees who never wanted to study and limited themselves to doing the homework, often done badly and unwillingly, given to them by the Company. Or offloading the social costs of sending these useless employees home to working citizens. To verify what I said, check on the UIBM website the number of patents created by what was state computer science, both in its state version and in the privatized version. Historical note: when state IT with a maneuver by Prodi then President of the IRI was passed to STET which then took the name of the subsidiary Telecom Italia, the STET shares in one day went from 5,000 lire each to 1,000 lire each with a loss of 80 percent!